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Two Color Triangle Dot Bead

Two Color Triangle Dot Bead


Order custom made lampwork glass beads!


Choose Your Bead Size, from 8x14mm to 11x17mm. Expect slight variation in the size of your beads as they are handmade <3


Choose Your mandrel size. This determines the minimum size of the bead hole. Expect slight variation due to the bead release that we use to coat the mandrels.


Choose three colors, one for the core of the bead and two for the dot colors. There is a graphic in the images for this bead that shows what colors will be going where on your bead.


You also have the option of having a white core under the transparent core colors, a white dot under transparent dot 1 colors, and a clear lense dot over opaque dot 2 colors.


Please let us know what colors you would like. A full chart of our color selection can be found near the bottom of the page here:


If you have any questions please email us at

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