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Amethyst Double Terminated Point L37

Amethyst Double Terminated Point L37


Lovely double pointed crystal, cut from amethyst and perfect for your next jewelry design!

  • Chemical Composition: Amethyst is a violet to purple variety of quartz, and its chemical formula is SiO2, indicating that it consists of silicon (Si) and oxygen (O). The purple coloration is due to trace amounts of iron and aluminum within the quartz crystal lattice.

    Crystal System: Amethyst crystallizes in the trigonal crystal system. This means it has three equal axes at 120-degree angles. The crystal structure is made up of tightly packed silica tetrahedra.

    Color: The distinctive purple color of Amethyst can range from pale lilac to deep violet. The intensity of the color can be influenced by factors such as the presence of impurities and irradiation.

    Hardness: On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Amethyst scores a 7. This places it among the harder gemstones, making it well-suited for various types of jewelry.

    Luster: Amethyst typically exhibits a vitreous luster when polished, contributing to its attractive appearance in jewelry.

    Transparency: Amethyst is transparent to translucent, allowing varying degrees of light to pass through its crystal structure.

    Occurrence: Amethyst is found in numerous locations globally, with notable deposits in Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, South Korea, Zambia, and the United States, among others.

    Geological Formation: Amethyst is commonly found in geodes within volcanic rocks. It forms as a result of the combination of silica-rich fluids and trace elements that infiltrate cavities and slowly cool, allowing crystals to grow over time.

    In summary, Amethyst is a captivating variety of quartz known for its enchanting purple hues. Its scientific properties, including crystal structure, chemical composition, and hardness, contribute to its desirability in the world of gemstones and jewelry.

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